A chase for Indo-Burma relation-Rohingya Exodus?

Swaroop Sharma

Why Indian media is sympathizing Rohingya genocide when they can’t cover up Hindu and Buddhist problem in Bangladesh, Why Malala think only Muslim’s are human and other religious group are in- human. Pain is there for everyone when your own brothers and sisters are being touchered and killed, but when it comes to other we act as if we don’t see them. Problems with we Indians is that we can never ever become one; we are always separated with regional boundaries and communities. Problems of Punjab’s in Pakistan is problem of Punjabi community, problem faced Indian Nepalese in Darjeeling is of Nepalese community, problem of Tripuris in Bangladesh is of Tripuris or problem of Bengali’s in Bangladesh is of Bengali community etc. We never raise our voice together, however problem for Rohingya in Myammar become problem of Muslim world it’s their unity and brotherhood. When we will become one India one community?

Tripuri and Chakma houses were burned down and thousand people were killed, then people took refuse in jungle, all this incident took place in Bangladesh during the Ramdan last month where Muslim people with the Bangladesh army was targeting these innocent people. Never forget you may be majorly in a particular country still your brothers and sisters may be minority somewhere, if you spread the hatred it will follow you as well. Attacks in Rakhine state in western Myanmar has soared towards disordered violence with more than 100 dead bodies and villages being set to fire. Near about 18,000 Rohingya inhabitants has crossed into Bangladesh within less than a week’s time. In which hundreds are stranded in the no man’s land in the country’s border between Myanmar and Bangladesh as per the sources of IOM (international Organization for Migration).

Searching for a balance between democratic ideals and security interest which has always been hard for India to justify when it comes to Myanmar, PM Narendra Modi‘s recent state visit to India’s eastern neighbor Myanmar. But in this why India did not raise the Rohingya issue during the PM visit to Myanmar is left unanswered. In this there will be many who feel India has made statement on words but done very little for the Rohingyas. Meanwhile this probably could have been the best time for India to launch a large scale aid programme in Rakhine province the epicenter of the present exodus in Rohingya. But in this visit India had primary interest for joining hands with Myanmar on the basis of economic relationship, security, ensuring tense relationship between Bangladesh and Myanmar, and ambitious policy goal of resolving the constitutional structure from military political structure to democratic structure.

Economic & Security Relationship

To build an economic security bond this prevents Myanmar from inescapably falling into the orbit of China. In this part of it needs Naypyidaw’s collaboration in construction of highways and ports to create a communication link between two countries.

Security – National Security

Ensure Myanmar military’s continuing collaboration in preventing various north eastern India militants, most particularly Naga insurgents from using Myanmar as a station for carrying out the operation as a safe place. Thirdly, preserve and support the country stumbling transition into a federal democracy structure. Fourthly, to seek to improve the trouble of the Rohingyas as well as ensure the already tense relations between Myanmar and Bangladesh as an determined goal, these policies have been thought about keeping in mind identifying indigenous Burmese are extremely sensitive to any external pressure.

This in- turn helps Myanmar to be a novice nation as far as the international norms are taken into consideration, combination of its long possessed unsolved constitutional structure ruling through a military power equation make it  very unlike other South East Asian countries. Meantime, Myanmar has not reacted on exorcizing almost the entire Indian origin population, smaller groups coming from Chinese ethnic in which protest was ongoing in Bejing on raining shells on to Chinese soil.

Closely following the issue of Rohingya Muslims it been found that media is being biased where not in a single media the actual whereabouts of the Rakhine or Rohingyas is stated. Rather than giving factual information about the Rakhine media has been focusing on using communal tag lines of Muslims. Although the part of Rakhine belonged to Bangladesh or Bengal during the British rule which later became part of Burma. Looking into the history of Rohingaya its very interesting to make a note that a secessionist demand from Myanmar was the demand. Even they wanted to merge with Pakistan during the time of independence from the Bristish raj .

Swaroop Sharma | Editor (Northeast) newscaptured.com





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