An Open Letter to Chacha Nehru !

BY-Swaroop Sharma

Dear Chacha ji !

its again your birthday the 14 Nov, which we celebrate as children’s day in our country. In the name of celebration we do the same old traditional fashion of giving sweets and gifts to the children and little bit of pampering also, and we think that we have done our duty. In fact our learned people of our country those days started to celebrate children’s day on your birthday to give a children physical, mental, emotional and spiritual security so that we may reap a nation with citizens with sound physical and mental health. You may be become sad hearing the plight of children in our country these days .

Our nation is called a progressive nation even if its children are unsafe. More than one child up until the age of 5 years is dying every minute in our country. In many rural areas , girl child is deprived of proper nutrition right from the beginning of their lives . Women are also malnourished during the time of pregnancy , which leads to the birth of weak or underweight children. Many ways to bring the infant mortality rate down. It includes proper sanitation, access to clean water, enabling women to give birth in hospital so that their babies can avoid catching infections. Mission Indradhanush , which is a government initiative  to immunise all children under the age of 2 years is laudable. But the scheme has achieved limited success as many of the parents do not bring their children back after first round of vaccine. Due to lack of awareness among the masses. Many babies died in hospital this year , but the state seems unwilling to acknowledge and tackle the problem by improving hospital management with its infrastructure.

Our country is having a fight over GDP within a couple of years, things will be as you wanted. People have been eating less due to price hike and ban restriction over certain food articles and commodities with the imposition of GST. Temples have been outnumbered the industries, where sadhus, will be controlling the allied economy of our country, by manufacturing and selling desi products , Chachaji does not it sound to you enthralling ?

There is more to share and tell you about, so please do listen to me. Killings have become a easy mechanism to bring in political and social control within our country. Very recently the political rulers categorizes those who can be a threat to their regime and secondly cadres also known as bhakts who treat the commoners violently.

Chachaji, as I know you would not have opposed multiculturalism and cultural diversity amongst people. Our democratically elected leaders are not really comfortable with diversity. There are belivers of a homogenous folkways and mores or riti and riwaz  which is named as our Indian culture. Decision makers are involved in forcing regional languages in the entire country. This makes them believe that country belongs to the Hindu dominant community.

At this time when democracy exclusively stands for the majority either they have numbers or fall in straight lines. People such as Gandhiji and you are irrelevant these days. Imposing dont’s of majority on the minority is a common phenomenon. Setting example will make you understand – majority of the Indian’s today don’t consume meat of a certain animals , that has already become a don’t for the rest of the country.

At this juncture your politics appears to be less relevant, What should we do , when we do not have numbers to protest? Disobey laws and stand with determination because you do not support the state , so action thereafter mobilise the people through peaceful means against state coercion, which you have been practicing those days.

But today , bear pain be steady with your determination accept coercion, but do not fall sounds relevant. Chachaji , I strongly say and would like to bring to your notice of the Gorakhpur Tragedy where 290 children died due to negligence of doctors as public health of our country is a major casualty of corruption. Now as my letter is not ending , so I won’t extend my letter any further. Just before wrapping up , I would like you to shower your blessings upon us , so that we can move ahead and be a responsible citizens.

Jai Hind !

Yours faithful citizen ,


Darjeeling – North Eastern part of India.

Swaroop Sharma



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