Democracy is meaningless – Who is responsible for this situation?

Swaroop Sharma

Darjeeling hill is on a boiling point over last 10 days. It is the 12th day of the ongoing protest in the Darjeeling hills, although this people’s movement for statehood has been one of the oldest demands of our country. Right back since, 1907 the people’s movement demand for a separate statehood was ongoing movement. Earlier during 1980s Darjeeling hills experienced a blood shed agitation for statehood in which more than 1,200 people lost their lives for the sake of Gorkhaland. Aftermath of this was that the agitation came to an end when an autonomous hill council was promised by the government of West Bengal. This autonomous hill council was a mark for self- rule in the hills region of Darjeeling. But then actually the then Bengal government duped the hills people of Darjeeling with this promise of self – rule with no identity. A self – rule without identity was a meaningless autonomy to the hills people.

India is a country with a mosaic culture, tradition, language, religion, regions, ethnicity etc., which makes it unique to the rest of the world. A country which brings the home of large variety of tribal population or population of indigenous people India ranks 2nd largest population in the world next to Africa. A population more than 10.2 crores which comprise of 8.6 per cent of the total population of the country (Census of India 2011). Next peculiarity about India is it Constitution one of the lengthiest constitution where various parts of it have been borrowed from different countries in order to balance and provide a equality, fraternity of brotherhood amongst the 1.5 billion and more population living in India.

In this a Gorkha tribe population of India is residing in the Darjeeling hills. The issue today is of the accepting the heterogeneity of the country India. It’s been observed from the past that region which is enshrined in our history text books by colonial rulers the Britishers are the states or regions well known. It is the Britishers who translated our history from Sanskrit language to English language due to this  caste system in India was introduced by the Britishers to create a divide and rule as caste system itself was a mechanism. Similarly the Bengal government under the leadership of CM Mamta Banerjee is bringing in the similar model of development boards of different ethnic groups living in the Darjeeling hills.

When? Where? & what happened?

It was on May 16th West Bengal government makes Bengali a compulsory in school curriculum in all government and private schools. The circular on Bengali language to be made compulsory was passed by education State Minister Partha Chatterjee. Next, fire to this was a historic development of TMC was win in Municipal elections in Mirik one of the Darjeeling subdivisions. It was for the first time that TMC won civic body elections in the hill region. With this on 1ST June GJM opposes decision made by the state government on Bengali language and holds a two day strike in the hills shutting down 986 schools and colleges. On which the it was 4th of June GJM calls for an ongoing people’s movement retaliates with a ongoing demand for separate.

On 5th June CM Mamta Banerjee reaches Darjeeling and accuses GJM supremo Bimal Gurnung for doing nothing for the people of Darjeeling hills. The very next day on 6th June Gurung threatens Mamta to resign GTA, at this Mamta changes her words stating that Bengali is not a compulsory in education course curriculum for people in Darjeeling hills. On June 7th first clash of GJM party supporters with the police took place. The very next day 8th June CM – Mamta Banerjee calls a Cabinet meeting in the hills for the first time in history. GJM supporters call for 12 hours strike in the hills. In this the state government deployed army after which the clash between the peaceful supporters and the police , setting police vans on fire, firing of tear gas sheel and baton force was used in order to bring peace by the state government.

The entire situation has been boiled down to  ego politics now as per the comments of various political parties – CPIM Bimal Bose says TMC ruling government is responsible for the unrest in Darjeeling hills. CM Mamata Banerjee‘s policy in the hills of Darjeeling is similar to that of the Prime Minister’s policy in Kashmir. In this now it’s been understood that CM Mamta Banerjee has no responsibility and accountability as reported – left for Netherland to attend Hague conference this shows that nobody is taking interest for the people of the Darjeeling hills but deployment of army, CRPs and police forces is on an ongoing spree. A dialogue can be a solution to bring in peace and normalcy in the hills but no one is willing to take up this. This shows that Indian democracy, freedom, equality, and rights laid down in the Indian Constitution has been robbed from the those Gorkhas who at have been sacrificing their lives at the border for while safeguarding their country. It says that law of the land is the Constitution- but nobody is following the law so how come Bengal government along with the center is imposing forces of army, CRPS and police in order to bring in law without following the real law – Constitution of India.






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