People Voices against the ‘RAPE’ in NAGALAND

Swaroop Sharma | Editor (Northeast)

On Friday thousands of women stole the streets of Tuensang and Longleng town, on convicting rape and sexual assault of two minors victims reported that the incident took place on 15th June in Tuensang town by one Thunglim Lemba Chang. The rally condemning the rape and sexual assault was organized by the Phomla Hoichem – Phom Women Organization joined by Phom Students Conference (PSC) witnessed a mass participation of people’s protest from different nook and corner of area. Protest was done by people holding banners and placards which recited “ No Bail , WE WANT CAPITAL PUNISHMENT OF THE RAPIST”. In the posters it was too mentioned that “ WE WON’T TOLERATE RAPE IN OUR SOCIETY”. This clearly showcases by the protestors that they demanded for severe action against the suspect.

During the protest rally a speaker – A. Shamthai Phom , Phomla Hoichem president condemned by stating in her speech – “ beastly and senseless act” and did mentioned during his address “  it was barbaric and inhumane crime in broad day light is alien to Naga culture”. She even mentioned in her address that every right thinking citizen should raise their voices for such act in the toughest degree of punishment. She also demanded that accountable authority should held uncaring punishment to the accused without any prejudices, through which justice will be provided to the victims and their families. Phomla Hoichem the president of Phom Women Organization also extended solidarity with the family of the victims on representing on behalf of the organization. The distinguished personalities who conveyed short dialogues included Metpong Phom, PSC vice president A.Mane Phom and PPC vice president Tenchem Phom and Chingong Phom.

In the meantime, a representation containing four-point demand was submitted to DC Longleng seeking immediate launch and positive action on the matter. In Tuensang, a silent procession was carried out, led by Eastern Nagaland Women’s Organisation (ENWO) Tuensang unit, attended by thousands of women from diverse tribes. Five programmes were held during the procession at five different locations, ENWO Tuensang unit president, Bahla informed.

Procession began from Chang Church junction led by Akehda Sangtamlaru Thsingmujang (AST). The second programme was held at High School junction, which was led by the Phomla Hoichem Tuensang . The programme at main police point Bazaar was led by Changsao Thangjam Sethsang. The fourth was held at Clock Tower led by the Yimchunger Arih-Ako (YAA) and the last programme was held at the DC’s complex, led by Khiamniungan Menyiu Hoikam (KHM).Distinguished leaders who spoke during the procession programme includes– former AST president, Tumsula; PHUT Unit member Jungdan Longlang; CTS president Y. Alepla Chang , ENWO advisor A. Alemla Chang, YAA advisor Tuensang,  Yimsola and Women Pastor Khiamniungan Baptist Church Tuensang, Chongkoi. All the organizations while accusing the barbarous incident commanded severe actions against the culprit.After the procession a memorandum was submitted to DC Tuensang.

Swaroop Sharma

Editor (Northeast)



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