‘Om’ and ‘Stalin’ Parwat : Nature’s strokes in deep Himalayas !

Rohit Joshi
The shape of the magnificent ‘Om’ (ॐ) on a huge mountain in the higher Himalaya’s lap! It’s Tremendous! No doubt! absolutely Om (ॐ)!
After a long trek towards the Kailash Mansarovar, when you reach Nabhidang, surrounded by icy mountains, the shape of this huge ‘Om’ (ॐ) on a mountain makes you wonder. Nabidangang is the last stopage for Indian part of Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. After this, the Yatra passes through the Lipulekh Pass and enters in Tibet.
For Hinduism and many other religions, which born in the Indian subcontinent, ‘Om’ is a holy word and a sacred sound. It is really difficult to find out the exact historical evidence of this, that when and how was it introduced to the conscience of the Indian minds. And Is this shape of Om (ॐ) emerged coincidentally on this mountain, or did this syllable or shape get place in the Hindu religious literature, because of this mountain?
By the way, whatever it is, from the Nabhidang itself, another interesting shape also appears on a mountain just right side of the Om Parvat. This is a portrait. Looking at this figure, wearing a rough Russian soldier cloak with a rusty mustache, you will be remembered by the Soviet leader Stalin. You can say this mountain ‘Stalin Parvat’. Or you can find there a figure of an Indian solder, saving our country from Chinese invaders. It all depends on your imaginations.
The pilgrimage to KailAsh – Manasarovar through the Indian side is organized by the Ministry of External Affairs along with other agencies like the Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam. The pre-requisites is a valid Indian passport. If the passport is not ready, still “applied for” also may get considered. But it is mandatory to have one before the start of the yatra. From the applicants on random lottery type of selection the yatris are chosen for the pilgrimage. The yatra season starts in early June and the last batch starts the pilgrimage as late as end of August. In addition to the panoramic views of Kailash Parvat and Mansarovar, many sights of the Himalayas, like ‘Om’ and ‘Stalin’ Parvats, are standing in reception of both types of travelers, religious and nature lover too.


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