Tribal Demands for upgrading TADDC to Tripuraland…

Swaroop Sharma | News Editor (Northeast)

The government decision in creation of a new state of Telengana in Andhra Pradesh led a large number of tribals on Tripura to stir their voices for Tripuraland. A rally was organized by these tribals near the Governor’s House for the demand of a separate statehood of Tripuraland , under the banner of local tribal party IPFT ( indigenous People’s Party for Tripuraland). The demand is for upgrading the existing Tribal Area Autonomous District Council (TADDC) to demand of a separate state.

Since 1985 TADDC which is playing a major role in improving the socio- economic development of the tribals over 2/3rd of the geographical area of Tripura i.e., approx. 10,491.69 across the state. The IPFT had raised the demand for a separate statehood several years ago which failed then, as then they were not able to take the support of the aboriginal tribals of Tripura. The IPFT General Secretary – Debbarma mentioned that now we are generating awareness through mass campaign programme across the state for our tribals brothers and sisters to press the demand for a separate state. The leader from other parts of the state seeking demand for a separate statehood is supporting our demand.

It was captured that Debbarma mentioned Left Front government of Tripura State as , lame duck institutions having no powers for committing the development of the backward tribal people. Having TADDC the fundamental problems of these tribal people which is land issue has not yet been solved, as tribals have been loosing land in their own motherland. It was mentioned by Debbarma that tribals have been in majority and have been living from 5000 years but the situation of these tribals seems threatened.

Later CPIM leader Gautam Das said that a small state – Tripura cannot be divided for separate statehood demand. IPFT is trying to gain its popularity through this issue of demand for separate statehood which is an unfeasible demand. The tribals of Tripura don’t support IPFT , in past two assembly elections the LEFT Front has won by all but one of the 20 seats has been reserved for the tribals. In two successive elections of TADDC in 2005 and  2010 the Left Front party won all the 28 seats, along with this it also won with a majority 527 village committee within the council held on 2006 and 2010.

Tapas Das senior Congress leader said that the socio- economic condition of the tribals of Tripura can be improved without going for a separate statehood demand. If there is political will or these tribal rulers and tribal extended support then there is nothing to say for.

Swaroop Sharma 



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