Why not Center taking a stand for this 31st State of India- Gorkhaland ?

Swaroop Sharma | News Editor (Northeast) newscaptured.com

It’s the People’s Movement Gorkhaland is spearheaded by the GJM where BJP Government is not able to openly support for the said demand nor oppose it. BJP has twice won the Darjeeling Lok Sabha seat during 2009 and 2014. Then the BJP sought help of the GJM regional party of Darjeeling hills promising for supporting the oldest demand for a separate statehood for a separate state of Gorkhaland. Now it is the BJP which is in troubled waters as they could not clear their position when the calls from the people of hills echoed with the demand for Gorkhaland.

Dilemma of BJP has not been cleared yet it’s been that supporting the demand for Gorkhaland is being anti – Bengali and opposing the demand for Gorkhaland , will make them loose the faith and support of the hill people. The ex-officio chairman of GJM Mr. Bimal Gurung mentioned that “party is taking Gorkhas and their sentiments for their won ethnic identity very lightly”. He even participated in the pro – Gorkhaland protest and demand for Gorkhaland. The state president of BJP Dilip Ghosh and Rahul Sinha showed their stand by opposing the demand. But till date the central have not yet give a clear standing for the same this shows that center BJP unit is playing the game for the sake of the throne.

The BJP district management’s nervousness of bringing up the rear support due to  lack of clarity on the issue of Gorkhaland was also shared by GJM Member of Legislative Assembly – Amar Singh Rai who mentioned “really unfortunate” which BJP had promised to create a separate state of Gorkhaland.  If it came to power it would have completely taken a turn on its issue, stating that , “Under  BJP  leadership is not clean, the BJP MP SS. Ahuwalliwa from Darjeeling was absent when the  hills was burning down. Do they still expect the people of the hills to trust BJP?” a string statement put across by Mr. Rai.
Both CPIM and TMC have critiqued the BJP for manipulating the sentiments of the Gorkhas for their assigned political interests. BJP, just for the sake of winning one seat, made false possibilities and now they are facing its dire consequences, senior CPIM party spearhead by Ashok Bhattacharya mentioned.  Instead of blaming our state government for the unrest, the BJP should come pure with purity  and say whether they are supporting the cause for the hill people for  a separate state of Gorkhaland or not.

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