Seperate Statehood demand led to imposition of Section 144 in Agartala

Swaroop Sharma | News Editor (Northeast)
Section 144 was imposed in Agartala after innumerable people were injured in mob clash between state forces , supporters and some of the activists of Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura (IPFT) Clashes had taken place in different parts of the city, so a tight security with imposition of Section 144 was put.
Group of people involved in IPFT procession attacked some person in the town area of Kaman Chowmani and ransacked some shops. With this they set ablaze of fire to some vechicle without being provoked. The incident resulted in mob clash of around 17 people which comprises of women who were spotted in the injured casulaties. The paramilitary forces took the situation under control with implementation of section 144.


At least 20 people were injured, a few serious, here after activists of a tribal party attacked civilians and traders in different parts of the capital, police said today.

Tension erupted after hundreds of tribals belonging to Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura (IPFT) took out a rally and indiscriminately attacked passersby and vehicles, triggering retaliation by people of different communities, police said.

Swaroop Sharma



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