SSA teachers challenge Govt. of Tripura to show papers                                      

Swaroop Sharma | Editor (Northeast)

The Education Minister of Tripura Shri Tapan Chakaborty​ mentioned in the press meet arguing , all allegations by SSA were false. Central Government has not permitted the regularization of teachers. The teachers presently in the press meet in Orient Chowmuhani to show that for regularization dialogue between center and state is ongoing. Addressing the press meet the teachers mentioned that , 2010-11 government of Tripura requested the central government to regularise the SSA teachers, and the central government regularised them. The funds have been also released and sanctioned for SSA with names of teachers why is it not announced by the State. At this the SSA teachers mentioned that , as per Education Minister State , no state has regularised SSA teachers. For this teachers mentioned that the State Education Minister should ask Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim government regrading this for which answer is there lying. There is no function of the central government for regularization of SSA teachers as it’s the Central Government who will give salaries but regularization is fully bestowed with the state government. The Central Government mentioned clearly that there is no problem in sanctioning of funds if state regularise them. In this when state is saying to SSA teachers that they do not qualify NCTE guidelines, then why the government is not taking any action against those officials who gave us the appointment as told by the SSA teachers. It is the state government who deprived we the teachers to complete the teachers training. Another point raised by the SSA teachers is that we don’t come under NCTE then how come these science graduates come under it, as they were appointed before us. The SSA teachers will continue their hunger strike until they are regularized , as announced by the teachers in end of the press meet.

Swaroop Sharma


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