Gorkhaland Protest Driven To Dejection !

Swaroop Sharma | Editor (Northeast) newscaptured.com

54 days has passed since the demand for a separate statehood has been raised in the Darjeeling Hills, Terai, and Dooars . The entire region has been experiencing shut down for last 54 days. Inhabitants of these towns of North Bengal refuse to call off strike as now the people state that they would be akin and indifferent towards the state and central government.

In this shut down the Bengal state government have imposed restriction on food items in the region as  well as health care system in the entire region of Darjeeling hills of North Bengal region. The logic framed by the despotic Bengal government is that by leading the starvation of the hills people the demand for the separate statehood will die.

Situation is uninviting as Bengal Dilip Ghosh declared that the party would send food items to the hills. But more it was sympathy than empathy as far as the demand for Gorkhaland is considered, as the sending of food items to the hill people is not yet fulfilled. But still the Hill spirit of covering the region with solidarity, support and unconditional kindness to everyone is there everywhere as not a single report on death due to starvation has been reported from the Darjeeling hills.

Right it’s a people movement now which has been seen in the hills where relief trucks has been plying to the tea estates like Dhotrey , Balasan and Toonsang with relief materials required for the pro- poor people. These relief materials have been extended by the common people of the hills who are self-sufficient. The materials for relief has been distributed to 310 households Other than this the Gorkha Muslim Association distributed food material in Darjeeling. Some of the relief materials have to send to remote villages where a village comprises of 17 households, which remains cut off from main stream during the rainy season when the river bed rises with the running stream. Fact is that the village is  located in a remote area where children attend school after attainment of 10 yers of age, as there are no schools in the village as the river gets flooded which creates a huge constrain to reach ou to the neighboring school. What has the Bengal government being doing for development to such region is the question which stands unanswered?

Villagers from this village build a mini ropeway handmade operated which helped the relief material to reach to these remote villages of Darjeeling hills. Political goons and police even are not letting the relief supporter to purchase relief materials for the hills in the Siliguri city as reported by the people-“Shopkeepers were afraid to sell things to us in Mahabirsthan a wholesale market in Siliguri as the political goons and Bengal police has threatened the shopkeepers as orders directed from the state government that none of the food items to be sold for the relief victims of Darjeeling hills”.  It has been enough by the state and central forces as well as the despotic government, but everyone is helping each other and doing their work at their strength to strengthen the people’s movement of Gorkhaland at their will. People has realized that the time has come to be determined and to go to all the extent of getting their birth right of Gorkhaland, do whatever it may take but to ensure their demand for a separate statehood demand. It is better that the central government realizes this, the better it would be for both the ends.

Swaroop Sharma | Editor (Northeast) newscaptured.com


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