One lakh affected by Flash Flood in Northeast-Especially Assam & Meghalaya

Swaroop Sharma | Editor (Northeast)

Around One lakh people have been affected by the flash flood in around 136 villages in the plains of Garo Hills due to the sudden back flow of the Brahmaputra river. 30 relief camps have been set up to accommodate those affected people. Besides houses, several institutions including educational center and health centre have been submerged many villages under Phulbari, Rajabala, Singimari, Paham, Bhaitbari, Silkata, Bholarbhita, Haripur Haribhanga and Namabila, was reported.

Normal life of over one lakh people have been affected after the swollen Brahmaputra and Jingiram rivers submerged 136 villages in western part of Meghalaya on Wednesday, as mentioned by an official. As such no loss of life has been reported so far from the affected areas.  Jingiram, one the major rivers in the Garo Hills, caused destruction due to the sudden backflow of water in the Brahmaputra in Assam which aggravated the floods.

“Direction is given to all schools and colleges to remain closed for the next four to five days in view of the flood,” the officer exclaimed. District Official Shri  Bakshi said large tract of agricultural land with standing crop, besides fish ponds have been damaged by the floods.  For relief measures the government has summonsed 209 evacuations boats and placed at different locations for relief and rescue operations in the area. With this the medical department has also announced preliminary   measures to check the outbreak of diseases.

The Public Health officials have distributed chlorine tablets and bleaching powder among the people to prevent any outbreak of any of such water-borne diseases.

The Assembly Speaker Abu Taher Mondal, Forest and Environment Minister Clement Marak along with, Bakshi conducted a joint survey on the flood-hit areas.

On assessing the damaged, Marak announced 14days gratuitous relief to the affected people.




Swaroop Sharma



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