About Us

Welcome to Newscaptured.com

Our Journey

Newscaptured.com was established just over a year ago as a digital platform dedicated to providing valuable information and services to our readers. Our journey began with a clear vision: to create a space where we could share the latest news, insights, and knowledge with our audience. Since our inception, we’ve been committed to delivering high-quality content and a range of services that cater to the digital world.

Arjun Mourya, the driving force behind newscaptured.com , is a 23-year-old digital marketing enthusiast with a keen eye for web design. He’s also a prolific blogger. Born and residing in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, India, Arjun’s passion for spreading knowledge and information has been instrumental in shaping our platform.

Our Mission

At Newscaptured.com, our mission is simple yet profound: to empower, educate, and entertain. We aspire to keep our readers well-informed about the latest news, trends, and insights in the digital world. Beyond that, we offer a variety of services designed to enhance the online experience of our clients.